Tell me your pizza story. I'd especially like to hear about your pizza-making successes and how PizzaHomeChef.com has played a part. Send them to dan@PizzaHomeChef.com. Pictures are always welcome.

"Anthony Dalessandro here, my good friend testimonial pieand partner in crime, Teresa, asked me to send you a picture of our experiment, it was a lot of fun and the idea came up just as the oven was hitting 500F. Why keep the house hot in the summer when you can grill, so we basically just played and came up with the pizza you see in our photo. Two Italians, how can you go wrong we love food, play and more food. 

Thanks for your help."




fathers day pizza testimonial"I just wanted to let you know that as a Father’s Day activity this year we decided to make pizza.  Using your website as a guide, we were able to glide through the whole process and the end results were fabulous.  All of us agreed that it was the among the best pizza we’ve ever had – and we’re very picky.  We made two medium size pizza – one Margherita and one Hawaiian.  Both were fantastic.  Thanks for the inspiration and the instruction."
--Susan Willis
San Carlos, California




Megan makes pizzastretching pizza dough"I love PizzaHomeChef.com! I also love pizza. Thanks to this website, I can now make my own pizza that will rival any pizza bought from a restaurant. I read through the information at the pizza school and jumped right in, without any previous experience. The directions were easy to follow and detailed enough that I felt confident in what I was doing every step of the way. The texture and flavor of the dough was astounding. The experience was a blast! I never knew making my own pizza could be so easy and so delicious!"


--Megan Martini

'Thanks for the great website, products and advice'

"First, I want to thank you.  I am a  47 year old lawyer, and although I love to cook and entertain, I have never in my life successfully made yeast dough.  I have tried a couple of times over the years to make bread but it came out tough and chewy or hard as a rock.   

"Anyway, at the suggestion of my friend, out of the blue I ordered your pizza making kit.  She has been making pizza on Friday nights for over 30 years, and wanted to help her daughter in law get started.  She just happened to mention that your pizza kit was a great value.  So I ordered, got the kit Saturday and made my first pizza on Sunday. 

"I approached pizza making with great trepidation, expecting failure at every turn.  But to make a long story short, my first pizza came out great!  My husand and two children loved it.  Thrilled, the next weekend I made it for my sister, her husband and their two kids.  Another big hit.

"Thanks again for the great website, products and advice.  You have changed my life--in a small way, but meanfully all the same!"

--Jill, 47-year-old attorney from Altlanta


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