Stand Mixers

Our Stand Mixer Stand has the right mixers to make great pizza dough.

Making pizza dough entirely by hand is worth doing at some point it your life. It’s an activity as old as civilization. Kneading the dough can be a form of meditation. I made my pizza dough by hand for years. But in the end, it gets to be a drag. It takes the kind of time that many of us don’t have. And if you make very much of it, your hands can get tired and sore.

The day I started using a stand mixer my pizza-making took off. With my 5-quart mixer I can make enough dough for four large pizzas in less than a quarter of the time it took me to make the dough for two by hand. So you can easily make up enough dough for several pizza nights at one time. Simply freeze the dough for each pizza in an airless ziplock bag and have your dough ready to go without the mess and hassle.

And there are fewer steps.

And less can go wrong.

And the dough comes out better.

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