Pizza Stone Selection and Tips


Pizza stone use and Pizza stone care

Pizza Stone
Use & Care

Pizza stones may crack or deteriorate with sudden changes in temperature.

So place your pizza stones in your oven before you turn it on.

Then preheat to maximum temperature for about an hour to get your stones to maximum heat.

Open the oven door as little as possible while pizza bakes.

When you’ve removed the finished pizza, close the oven door as soon as possible and leave it closed till your oven has cooled. Overnight, if possible.

Don't worry about "cleaning" a pizza stone. Pizza stones are beautiful when they're ugly. Anything that bakes to the surface of your stone should be wiped or very gently scraped off.

Avoid soaking or washing.

Every stain and streak is a mark of distinction, a badge of honor that proves you've served in the pizza-making trenches!


The Pizza Stone:
Key to the Best Homemade Pizza

Ceramic pizza stones are the secret to pizza-making success.

pizza stone pizza crustThey provide the high, dry, steady, even heat you need to create the perfect crust.

I'd be nowhere without mine.

Check out all my Hot Pizza Stone Tips to help you choose, use--and take care of--your pizza stone. 

                We offer fine pizza stones

             in a range of sizes and prices.

             Our Professional Grade Pizza Stones

The exceptional 7/8ths-inch thickness of these stones keeps them hotter, even more steadily—even if you bake several pizzas in a row.

The perfect stones for beyond-perfect pizza.

deluxe pizza stones measure almost an inch thick

Professional Grade Rectangular Pizza Stone

At 16 inches by 14 inches, the largest stone you'll find that fits in standard home ovens, so you can make the largest possible pizza--or a couple of smaller pizzas at the same time. A premium commercial quality stone with the important advantage of almost an inch thickness.

best rectangular pizza stone 14X16

Professional Grade Round Pizza Stone

Features the same nearly inch-thick advantage. And an ample 15 and 3/4-inch diameter. A very high quality and durable stone that will bake one fantastic pizza after another.  Professional, commercial quality.

round pizza stone professional grade

    More Fine Pizza Stones
    pizza stone selection

    Check out four more excellent pizza stone options. These stones are very reasonably priced. But they make unreasonably delicious pizza.  All of our pizza stones are also gourmet hearth stones for baking bread, cookies, and more...

      Stone Pizza TipHot Pizza Stone Tip!   

      Get two pizza stones and turn your home oven into a pizza oven.

      2-Stone Pizza Technique

      I've discovered that using two pizza stones on two oven shelves, even if I'm only making one pizza, gives me professional results. The perfect pizza-baking heat radiating from above and below your pizza gives your pizza a fantastic brick oven effect.


      My 2-stone technique gets consistent rave reviews!

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