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Thin Pizza Crust Dough Recipe

I've had several aspiring pizza-makers ask me if I have a thin pizza crust dough recipe.

I do and I don't.

The recipe is actually a list of a few don'ts.

You see, my basic pizza dough recipe, whether done by hand or with a stand mixer creates a dough that's quite easy to turn into a very thin pizza crust.

As long as the dough is soft and elastic, you should have no problem turning out a terrific thin pizza crust.

Just beware of the following obstacles to creating a thin crust:

Don't try to shape and stretch the dough while it's still cold, if you've kept in the fridge or are thawing a frozen batch. 

Pizza dough is not as elastic when it's cold.

Don't expect this to be easy with a whole wheat dough. It just doesn't have the elasticity of regular unbleached flour pizza dough.

If you decide to give it a try, you might want to shift the whole-wheat-to-white flour ratio a little more towards white.

Letting the dough ferment in the fridge for a day may help a bit too.

Don't let the dough cold ferment more than a few days.

Letting dough sit in the fridge for a day or more before making your pizza can give the dough some nice subtleties and suppleness.

But if you go past a few days, the dough gets more fragile, which can make it hard to stretch thin without tearing.

And that's my Thin Pizza Crust Dough Recipe, such as it is.

Pizza Recipes: Pizza Making Basics
to Pizza Inspiration...And Beyond

pizza kitchen equipment

Here are the ingredients, steps, techniques

—and the tools you absolutely need—
to make pizza that will have your friends and family begging for more.

We're going to start with basics and expand, like a well-made dough, from there. 

Basic Handmade Pizza Dough Recipe

stirring up pizza dough

Pizza School shows every simple step to make a fantastic pizza dough using a stand mixer.

But this handmade pizza dough recipe proves you don’t need a wall socket to quickly and easily create a dough pizza lovers will applaud.

So roll up your sleeves and make some pizza dough here.

pizza making video  Or watch the stunning video that takes you through 

Making Pizza Dough by Hand.

standmixer pizza dough video   Or watch our video on Making Pizza Dough with a Stand Mixer.

Simply Fabulous Fresh Homemade Pizza Sauce Recipe

  fresh pizza sauce recipe
This delicious pizza sauce recipe will take your pizza to the next level. 

And you can make enough for three large pizzas in about seven minutes. 

Check out this pizza sauce recipe now.

Pizza on the Grill

I've cracked the code on grilling outstanding pizza on an outdoor grill or barbecue.

Get the best answer to turning your grill or bbq into an outdoor pizza oven and turning out wonderful pizzas--without heating up your house or having to abandon your outdoor guests.

The key to the code?  Our Pizza Grill Kit.

 pizza on the grill recipe

Coming Soon!

Pesto Pizza

Apple Dessert Pizza

And soooo much more.

So check in often and see what's cooking.

I'd also love to hear what you come up with.  Please send your successful recipes and techniques to

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Now that you know how to make pizza dough, this might be a good time to grab my Free Pizza School Ebook. Like the title says, it's absolutely free and takes you through every simple step of making absolutely delicious, pizzaria-level pizza.  It's great to have on hand as you make your first several pizzas. Saves you from getting flour and water in your computer.

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