Pizza Peels

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Pizza-Making Tip

Buy a wood pizza peel the same size or smaller than your pizza stone.

That way you won't build a pizza that won't fit on your pizza stone. A pizza overhanging its stone spells disaster. Bet you saw that one coming...

Pizza-Making TipMatch your
Aluminum Peel 
to your Wood Peel

The blade end of your aluminum peel should roughly approximate the width of your wooden peel's blade so it can support the pizza on the way out of the oven.

Pizza Peel Vocabulary

You may have heard of a great pizza-making tool called a pizza paddle, or a pizza blade, or a baking peel.These marvelous tools can be wooden, aluminum, or stainless steel.

Don't worry, they're all other terms for a pizza peel. You've come to the right place.

You just found the right pizza peels
and pizza peel advice.

wood pizza peel & aluminum pizza peels

You need a wood pizza peel to make great pizza on a pizza stone in your oven.

--Because your final shaping and topping of the pizza happen on your pizza peel.

A wood peel's dry surface, sprinkled with cornmeal, keeps your dough from sticking while you build your pizza and slide it into the oven.

spreading pizza sauce on pizza doughIf you want to bake and serve more than one pizza at the same time, you'll want to get more than one wood pizza peel.

This lets you get both pizzas built and ready to bake at the same time.  You can then go ahead and bake them at the same time if you have two pizza stones on two oven shelves. Now you can all eat at the same time!

sliding pizza off wood peel into oven









If you’re baking on one stone, your second pizza can be built on your second wood peel 

and ready to slide in the minute you take the first pizza out. So you can still keep the pizza coming—and even grab a slice while the second one bakes.


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An aluminum pizza peel
is the best way to slide your pizza out of the oven.

aluminum pizza peelaluminum pizza peel sliding pizza out of oven

A metal pizza peel's thin edge and smooth surface slide easily between the baked pizza crust and the pizza stone.  They do their job in a flash, so you should only need one of these.

metal pizza peel

An aluminum pizza peel is also the best way to go if you’re baking your pizza on a metal screen or perforated disk.

Your pizza, and the disk or screen you built it on, will slide easily off this peel’s smooth surface and onto your pizza stone.


This disk /screen and aluminum pizza peel method is the best way to go on a grill or barbecue. 

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and Take Your Pizza Making to the Next Level.

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