Pizza Grill & BBQ Kit

Pizza Grill & BBQ Kit
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Our Pizza Grill and Bbq Kit Makes the Best and Easiest Grilled Pizza

Now your grill is a pizza oven!

We’ve done our research and this kit makes fantastic outdoor pizza easy.

Pizza Grilling Problems Solved:

• Make great pizza without heating up your house in hot weather.

• No more scorching your crust or having to flip your crust and build your pizza halfway through the baking process!

• No more cracking pizza stones with sudden changes in temperature.

• Works great with gas or charcoal grills.

The Great Pizza Grill Solution:

The ‘stone’ is cast iron, so it won’t crack like a pizza stone might in an outdoor grill. Pizza Grill & Bbq Kit

The perforated disk is easy to build your pizza on and keeps air circulating to guarantee a crisp pizza crust.

The fine aluminum peel delivers your pizza into and out of your grill with ease.

And we’ve thrown in a couple of pan grippes for even more control.

All at a great kit price.

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