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Pizza Disks and Pizza Screens

pizza screens and pizza disks

Pizza Disks and Screens are fine alternative methods of baking pizza in your oven. You won't need cornmeal to easily slide your pizza into the oven on your peel. Just lightly oil the up-facing side and go.

pizza grill with pizza disk and pan

But these tools really come into their own on the outdoor grill. Great for summer when you don’t want to heat up the house and abandon your guests on your patio. Read more about this method in Pizza School.

pizza screen pizza

Some people prefer screens, others like the disks. But they’re so inexpensive, why not try both?


Pizza Screens

pizza screens

Pizza Disks

pizza disks

Perforated disks offer a durable, easy alternative to the classic stone and peel method. These are the key to pizza-making on an outdoor grill.

Supercoated Pizza Disks

Supercoated is amazing. A tough, non-stick coating meant for heavy use. ¼-inch holes, hard coated anodized aluminum.

pizza making tip

The Great Barbeque Pizza Breakthough:

The best pizza stone on your outdoor grill is cast iron.   

You may also want to check out our Pizza Grill Kit.


It features this 14-inch cast iron pizza pan and everything else you need to turn your grill or barbecue into an outdoor pizza oven.




pizza pan

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