About Us

I'm Dan and I've been making pizzas for about twenty years.

I've always loved pizza. As a kid in high school I used to come home just about every day and put mushrooms, salami and more cheese on a large frozen pizza, bake it, and eat the whole thing before dinner. Guess I was having a growth spurt.

I kicked that habit for several years. But then one day I wandered into a store that had a whole setup to make pizzas at home--a peel, a sort of stone, and a book, anyway.

The 'stone' was actually a set of about twelve thin tiles held together by a thin, edged, metal tray. The stones began to break after a few pizzas. I used to have to piece them back together like a puzzle to make my next pizza.

But I was on my way. Before long, I got a real pizza stone and my pizzas got pretty good, then very good, if I do say so. When friends and family have raved about the pies, I've always said 'You could do it too.' They always waved me off in disbelief. So PizzaHomeChef got started to prove they could. And to offer better equipment, instruction, and advice than I got when I started.

I really hope you find as much pleasure and satisfaction, along with budgetary benefit, to making your own pizzas.

PizzaHomeChef.com is here to help.

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