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A few words from Pizza Dan:                              

I wasn't born in a pizza parlor. But Iearned how to make killer homemade pizza. The kind people grunt, moan, or yell with pleasure about when they take that first amazing bite.

To get you started, I've put together exclusive pizza making kits that provide extra savings.

pizza-making kitThe Beginner's Economy Pizza Making Kit  Everything you need to get started at the best possible price. Tools include:     

A 15-inch diameter stone          

A fine wood peel

A pizza cutter wheel

And a dough docker.

    Professional tools that will quickly pay for themselves because you'll never have to pay professional prices for pizza again.  $64.00

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      Pro Premium Pizza Making Kit...

    And so can you. is all about helping you do it.

    With a few basic steps, tips and tools you'll be making pizza better, fresher, much cheaper, and exactly the way you love it, right in your own kitchen. 
    making pizza at home

    At our house, I usually make two large pies. Partly because no one else loves anchovies, and mostly because we want to be sure everyone has enough.

    For years our family tradition has been that after I've stretched and formed the dough, my daughter artfully arranges the toppings on one pizza while I layer the sauce, salty little fish, sun-dried tomatoes, kalamata olives, cheeses and mushrooms on the other.

    Well, now she's away at college. But when she comes home, we both know she isn't truly all the way home until we make our pizzas.

    pizza making tip
    Look for this symbol throughout
    It means you've found a great little pizza-making tip.

    In fact, here's a quick video on making fantastic pizza on your grill or barbecue...

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